Tools and Tales for Thriving in a Family Business with Ira Bryck

Join Meghan Lynch on Building Unbreakable Brands as she engages in a captivating
conversation with Ira Bryck, a former fourth-generation clothing business owner turned
family business educator and advisor.

With over 25 years of firsthand experience in running his family's business and now
coaching business leaders, Ira shares his unique insights on navigating generational

In this episode, Meghan and Ira explore the importance of asking the right questions to
uncover transformative insights, emphasizing the power of strategic questioning as both an
art and a science. They delve into Ira's creative approach, including his innovative use of
roleplaying and the development of three plays as learning tools for family businesses to
address complex emotional challenges.

Tune in as they discuss Ira's journey from the shop floor to executive coaching and the
evolution of family businesses in today's dynamic landscape.

You can check out Ira's work, tools, and blog at
Connect with him on LinkedIn:

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Tools and Tales for Thriving in a Family Business with Ira Bryck
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