How Next Gens Can Find Their Authentic Voice with Katie Rucker of MacKenzie

Welcome to Building Unbreakable Brands, where Meghan Lynch, a seasoned brand strategist and advisor to generational family businesses, engages in insightful conversations with the stewards of enduring brands. 

Today, Meghan sits down with Katie Rucker, co-owner and president of MacKenzie, a second-generation consumer insights research firm. Katie, alongside her twin sister Jenny, also co-founded the Next Generation Collaborative, a platform dedicated to empowering next-generation leaders to shape their legacies. In this episode, Meghan and Katie explore MacKenzie's journey to maintaining relevance amidst evolving markets over the last 39 years. 

They delve into the foundational elements instilled by Katie's father that have propelled MacKenzie beyond startup stages, ensuring its generational impact. Tune in as they discuss strategies for sustainability and Katie's passion for awakening potential in others through the Next Generation Collaborative.

Katie Rucker shares, "LinkedIn is where I'm most active almost every day. Mackenzie Corp. and Next Gen Collaborative are our two websites. I'd love to connect, share ideas, and collaborate on something awesome."

Katie's interview on FamilyBusiness.Org on the connection between philanthropy and leadership:

Connect with Katie on LinkedIn:

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How Next Gens Can Find Their Authentic Voice with Katie Rucker of MacKenzie
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